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Our Mission

“2MARK-IT is an established provider of Social Selling and Hybrid programs to medium and large (international) software and technology companies.”

Our approach re-tools and re-fits sales teams, operating in complex buyer environments, to outmanoeuvre their competition. With a partner-for-life ethos, 2MARK-IT provides strategic advice, program design, program delivery, training, coaching, mentoring and tool selection/implementation/delivery based on a one-off or managed services model.

Our vision

“Our goal is to be preferred supplier in the field of Social Media Marketing, Social Selling and associated Hybrid programs for software and technology companies operating within local, international or global markets.”

We change selling behaviors and apply powerful tools to bring a dramatic improvement to our clients revenue generation capabilities.

Over 90% of our clients decide to extend an initial pilot to a long term manage service arrangement.

We deliver a strong ROI with all of our projects and sharpen our client’s competitive edge.