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There’s no sugar-coating the complicated process that is ABM. There is also no denying the great Benefits

It's time to overcome those fears and reap the rewards of increased leads through ABM. Embracing change can be hard, but is essential to the longevity of your business.  Taking The First Step.  The first step to success is putting aside doubts and committing to a process. To commit to ABM, you start by reviewing your current method.    Integrating ABM doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. Look at ways to combine new research and trends into your existing strategy.   It's Not All About Technology.  Today, marketers can ... Read more

How Social Selling can support & boost your ABM-Strategy in 2019

Social selling, when done the right way, can help you find the right stakeholders opportunities with laser precision and predictive results within your new or existing key-accounts. The common practice in B2B marketing is segmentation of buyer personas. While segmentation does help to increase leads, the personalisation needed to get high ticket clients is often not enough. Social selling not only boosts but also supports existing ABM strategy. By leveraging social media, you can focus on key buyers within accounts, learn ... Read more

5 reasons Social Selling will effectively build your sales and drive a predictable pipeline in 2019!

Sales & marketing teams are coming round to the reality of Social Selling and it’s unique benefits to improve digital branding, transform sales into Smart Social Sellers and drive a predictive pipeline.  Social Selling helps you find the prospects that fit best for your pipeline, is common practice among the businesses with high ROI and has the data to eliminate any doubts and follow a personalised approach.  Wherever you are on the journey, nothing is stopping you in improving:  Brand and credibility Customer loyalty Pipeline predictability Transforming ... Read more