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Account Based Marketing – it’s about time for zero waste marketing strategies.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is becoming a mantra in marketing - but what does it mean and why does your company need it? To understand these questions, it is necessary to learn the origins of this market strategy and the circumstances that gave rise to it. The Origins Of ABM ITSMA, one of the earliest B2B companies from the mid-90s helped pioneer ABM as we know it today. Through the vision of Dick Munn and marketing leaders from companies like IBM & HP, ... Read more

Why thought leadership should be part of every B2B marketers strategy.

Thought leadership – a means of gaining trust in today's b2b marketing environment. When radical changes are happening at a rapid rate in the world of marketing- radical actions are required to stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors. B2B marketing has evolved from telemarketing shop floors into the streamlined and ultra-competitive level-playing field of social media. One thing that has not changed is the need for a recognisable brand voice that can be heard above the chatter. Under handed ... Read more

Verzacht je fileleed met Social Selling.

Een pragmatische kijk op traditional sales versus Social Selling Maandag 20 november 2017 was weer zo een dag: 850 km file. ‘Drukste ochtendspits van het jaar.’ Grote kans dat jij er ook al in het donker op de vroege ochtend tussen zat. Als salesmanager, accountmanager of sales executive speelt je leven zich immers grotendeels op het asfalt af. Uurtjes die je vult met telefoontjes en waarin je in gedachten alvast het salesgesprek gaat oefenen dat je straks gaat voeren. En waarin je droomt ... Read more

The perfect couple – Social Selling combined with Challenger Sales

Challenger Sales in Brief, it's Pros and Cons. Trends continue to evolve in the world of B2B marketing. One such trend is the Challenger sales process. 'The Challenger Sales is a book written by Brent Adamson & Matthew Dixon in 2011. Hubspot summarises the ideas within the book by explaining how the authors divide salespeople into 5 different profiles. Adamson & Dixon go on to identify that the 'challenger' is the most successful of the 5 and credit that success to the ... Read more

Combine – Social Selling & Insight Selling for the best results!

How the term 'Insight Selling' became popularised. In 2014, Mike Schultz and John Doerr authored the book 'Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently.' The book was the result of their research into why some sellers come second place while others always come out on top. Is it the product these sellers offer or is it rather how they engage with leads? What Schultz & Doerr found was the top sellers were doing something radically different, this research gave ... Read more

Samenwerking met NMC/Skondras

NMC/SKondras versterkt haar dienstverlening met Social Selling van 2MARK-IT! Het koopgedrag van potentiële kopers is de afgelopen jaren fors veranderd. Ook úw potentiele klant is steeds beter geïnformeerd en gebruikt vooral digitale media om online de juiste informatie te vinden die zij nodig hebben. Op dit moment oriënteren klanten zich al voor 67% online, voordat zij in contact komen met uw salesteam. De verwachting is dat dit eind 2018 zelfs 84% zal zijn (bron: CEB). Het is cruciaal om in te spelen op deze veranderende aankoopgedrag. Social selling kan hiervoor een ... Read more

Account Based Marketing (ABM): From Start Up To Success

You know that aligning your sales, marketing and ABM will bring strong ROI. Probably you’ve read all those blog posts and tips but you're still scratching your head trying to work this all out. Read here ABM article (2) the article. Read more