Buyer behavior has changed and potential buyers are well informed and use multiple channels to get their information from. Digital media has an enormous power and is getting more and more important in their buyers journey. However to develop a Sales Qualified lead, you need to get them out of their digital travel and get them around the table for a personally meeting as an individual touch.


telemarketing 2mark-itVia our Social Selling engagement approach, we are able to identify potential prospects, build up loyalty and create digital conversations. For these validated interest, it should be the best approach for conversion reasons, that they receive a call with people known. Based on the gathered needs and pains, we create a well defined sales platform to further develop the potential customer via the phone with the right benefits. A qualified lead will be the outcome!

On the other hand, through plenty of clever Social marketing scenarios it’s a fact that we can nurter and convert online visitors on a website, who have for example requested for information or a webinar. This specific information and more hits at the website may be a signal that there is a concrete interest so that we have a valid  reason for giving this prospect a phone call, to validate and to find out what the actual intention is behind the actions.

Why is a person looking for specific information?

What are underlying needs and wants?

A trained professional on the phone hears more than answers. On the phone are shared emotions, conscious and unconscious, that in other channels based on a one to many approached is not possible and successful anymore. This professional is able  to find out the real buyers reason and determine what the right next step will be. Based on research – people on the phone more often win then the digital machine!