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There’s no sugar-coating the complicated process that is ABM. There is also no denying the great Benefits

It's time to overcome those fears and reap the rewards of increased leads through ABM. Embracing change can be hard, but is essential to the longevity of your business.  Taking The First Step.  The first step to success is putting aside doubts and committing to a process. To commit to ABM, you start by reviewing your current method.    Integrating ABM doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. Look at ways to combine new research and trends into your existing strategy.   It's Not All About Technology.  Today, marketers can ... Read more

How Social Selling can support & boost your ABM-Strategy in 2019

Social selling, when done the right way, can help you find the right stakeholders opportunities with laser precision and predictive results within your new or existing key-accounts. The common practice in B2B marketing is segmentation of buyer personas. While segmentation does help to increase leads, the personalisation needed to get high ticket clients is often not enough. Social selling not only boosts but also supports existing ABM strategy. By leveraging social media, you can focus on key buyers within accounts, learn ... Read more

5 reasons Social Selling will effectively build your sales and drive a predictable pipeline in 2019!

Sales & marketing teams are coming round to the reality of Social Selling and it’s unique benefits to improve digital branding, transform sales into Smart Social Sellers and drive a predictive pipeline.  Social Selling helps you find the prospects that fit best for your pipeline, is common practice among the businesses with high ROI and has the data to eliminate any doubts and follow a personalised approach.  Wherever you are on the journey, nothing is stopping you in improving:  Brand and credibility Customer loyalty Pipeline predictability Transforming ... Read more

Blockchain: Hype or next step in digital evolution. How does blockchain impact your organization?

At 2MARK-IT, we work with a range of both small specialist ICT firms and large, well-known, technology vendors. As a result, we network with experts that are at the cusp of new technology frontiers. This article is part of a series based on interviews with executives, visionaries and thought leaders in technology and innovation. Our goal is to share new insights, new ideas and innovative concepts with our audience before these technologies become mainstream. For this article we interviewed Hugo Appels, Managing Director ... Read more

How to leverage Thought Leadership for your brand and help your business grow?

In previous articles, the subject of thought leadership and its meaning has been discussed in detail. It has been established that thought leadership is the foremost method for growing your brand and gaining trust among peers and buyers. - How exactly can being a thought leader help your business to grow? Not just good PR, great PR Good publicity is essential to every successful business and bad publicity has the power to destroy businesses. By leveraging thought leadership using high quality content, your brand ... Read more

How to establish brand awareness and brand legitimacy through Thought Leadership

Change is a constant. To be truly successful in any business, you must be susceptible to change and ready to adapt to it. “After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw it away and start all over.” Alfred Edward Perlman Getting heard above the noise Today’s challenge is getting heard through the noise of multiple online channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’ve run ... Read more


Who will be our clients trusted advisor, with marketing education, knowledge of and a recognisable profile in building and developing customer markets. We create awareness and thought Leadership positions via state of the art Social Media & - Selling programs for our customers, via using Social Selling techniques, social listening tooling and user-centric program design. We are passionate about providing you with the support and opportunities you need to achieve your career ambitions in a culture based upon respect, collaboration and creativity. An active ... Read more

Samenwerking met NMC/Skondras

NMC/SKondras versterkt haar dienstverlening met Social Selling van 2MARK-IT! Het koopgedrag van potentiële kopers is de afgelopen jaren fors veranderd. Ook úw potentiele klant is steeds beter geïnformeerd en gebruikt vooral digitale media om online de juiste informatie te vinden die zij nodig hebben. Op dit moment oriënteren klanten zich al voor 67% online, voordat zij in contact komen met uw salesteam. De verwachting is dat dit eind 2018 zelfs 84% zal zijn (bron: CEB). Het is cruciaal om in te spelen op deze veranderende aankoopgedrag. Social selling kan hiervoor een ... Read more

Account Based Marketing (ABM): From Start Up To Success

You know that aligning your sales, marketing and ABM will bring strong ROI. Probably you’ve read all those blog posts and tips but you're still scratching your head trying to work this all out. Read here ABM article (2) the article. Read more

Social Media Strategy & Execution

In today’s highly competitive software industry, the way you promote your software solution needs to change because the way customers procure software solutions has fundamentally changed. B2B Buyers have changed A recent survey by Forrester Research found that 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. No longer is there a need for a buyer to make contact with a vendor salesperson to explore how a new software product or service can solve their problem ... Read more
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