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Find -, get – and keep clients. Who is able so do that, might be successful, it’s as simple as that. That success starts today with customizable content. Because people don’t want commercial talk any more. Meaningful and individual information really helps in making their choices. This builds you appreciation and trust, and you will be a point of authority where people like to do business with.

How do we start?

  • Relevant: the subject should be important for the audience
  • Unique: why should your content should be read or viewed? Unique content is
    more appreciated
  • Credible: is your objective, authentic content and from a trusted sender?
  • Added value: does your target market really what to your content?
  • Objectives: is the purpose of the content clear?
  • Executable: it may be a nice idea, but is it feasible?

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LinkedIn servicesdialogue marketing & lead acceleration

LinkedIn as a Social Selling platform, offers excellent opportunities for your company to position and to generate sales opportunities! This by analyzing and converting relevant contacts at potential organizations to qualified marketing leads and long term relationships! With our LinkedIn communication specialists, script-writers, market analysts and the deployment via smart social tooling, we discover and convert potential markets and decision makers into warm leads!
With personalized LinkedIn messages and relevant articles / blogs we approach these potentials and build loyalty in a professional manner and with commercial measurable value!

We also develop a valuable and unique profile database of decision makers in each target group, so that enabling qualitative marketing campaigns will deliver high range numbers, better results and short sales cycle!

Managed Service Data Intelligence ” the market is changing, customer behavior is changing and customers are already spending more the 2/3 of their buyers journey online, oriëntating for the right products and services.

If you want to use LinkedIn as a Social Sales platform and their for change behavior of your sales to become a Social Selling master for building credibility and a predictable pipeline for the long term, Managed Services Social Selling campaign approach is the answer.
With this integrated and proven long term Social Selling services, we pinpoint at  our customer needs, e.g.:

  • discover and analyze potential markets
  • enter new markets well founded
  • build a unique and qualified profile database: management and C-level
  • develop new sales opportunities & leads (predictable pipeline)
  • find “low-hanging fruit
  • build greater efficiency in your sales activities
  • deal with hard-to-reach decision makers
  • significantly shorten your sales cycle and optimize!

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