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LinkedIn offers as a social media platform, excellent opportunities for your company to position and to generate sales opportunities! This by analysing and converting relevant contacts at potential organizations into a qualified relationship!

With our LinkedIn communication specialists, script-writers, market analysts and the use and deployment of smart social tooling, we analyse and develop potential markets and decision makers. With detailed personalized LinkedIn messages pinpointing at personal business needs, we build loyalty in a professional manner and commercial way!

Based on out innovative programs, we also develop, analyse, gather and build a valuable profile database of decision makers in separate target groups. So that we are able to create the perfect platform for enabling professional Social Selling marketing campaign campaigns with measurable results like – high qualified leads, better results and short sales cycle!

Based on the out dated customer needs, we develop accurate tuned “messages” for a LinkedIn campaign to any specific segment/target group. This will create interests which will be converted into high qualified marketing leads (MQL’s).

The integrated (hybrid) project approach guarantees a successful customer dialogue, as a standalone social media campaign or as part of an integrated Managed Services Data Intelligence campaign.

Based on the customer needs we are addressing – we will be able to build customer loyalty, create awreness and credibility and develop to the point marketing qualified leads.

The program activities will be focussed at:
• analyse and validate potential new markets
• entering well defined potential markets
• building a qualified profile database
• searching and analysing relevant key personas to figure out if: management and C-level
• developing interests & leads
• identifying new opportunities, also from the competition!
• building greater efficiency in your sales activities
• dealing with hard-to-reach decision makers
• shortening significantly your sales cycle and optimize!

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