The past 2 years more has happened in the market on field of customer information & – dialogue than the past 50 years. Information is everywhere and at any time accessible and a potential customer can prepare itself well through all the information available online.


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Define the Buyer personas, the buyer journey and anticipate (trusted advisor) on this journey to trust and build these personas.

It runs at modern and effective lead management in B2B to an integrated nurturing process over carefully selected on – and off line marketing instruments,  Opportunity-tracking ™
Only then are you able to listen carefully to the customer needs and on the basis of the right marketing tools and content to develop a valuable pipeline.

Opportunity-tracking ™ is a proven program and methodology, via which we will approach, validate and convert relevant decision makers into marketing qualified leads.
The lead process should not be a one-time action, but a continuous process in which the lead becoming a qualified lead you through planning, lead nurturing and scoring also with a combination off online engagement.


Opportunity tracking example: Provelu

Opportunity tracking example: Van Luin


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