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Social Media Strategy & Execution

In today’s highly competitive ICT-industry, the way you promote your products & services needs to change because the way customers procure solutions has fundamentally changed.

Read how an effective Social Media strategy can eliminate competition and boost your business in 2017?

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Social Selling & Lead Management

Recent years have seen a transformation process we express a “sellers ‘ to a buyers market. Buyers have control over when and how they gather information and through which channels during the sales process. According to Sales benchmark index, over 69% of the buyers decision-process has already being done online.

How to get (early) positioned as professional sales in the purchase decision process from potential relationships and how to get them interested in your products/services to convert a lead a final customer?

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Inbound Marketing & Engagement

Inbound marketing is the basis for effective personalized and automated lead generation. With Inbound marketing you will be ensured that customers come to you via diverse online platforms as: LinkedIn, Twitter, website/landings pages, blogs and via optimized SEO-settings! You will be found by sharing valuable content in the eyes of the potential buyer! You pick up as early as possible in the buying process of your buyer and will make your contacts remains in during their “buyers journey”, because you really adds value.

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