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Inbound marketing is the basis for effective personalized and automated lead generation. With Inbound marketing you will be ensured that customers come to you via diverse online platforms as: LinkedIn, Twitter, website/landings pages, blogs and via optimized SEO-settings!

You will be found by sharing valuable content in the eyes of the potential buyer! You pick up as early as possible in the buying process of your buyer and will make your contacts remains in during their “buyers journey”, because you really adds value.

Inbound marketing is about creating value based on your personal brand and thought leadership, organic visibility and social scope. Inbound marketing is therefore above all also a mindset in which you go out of own knowledge, skill and strength.

Inbound marketing as lead generator and build new long term relationships!

It runs at inbound marketing to ‘ earned attention ‘ rather than ‘ purchased media ‘. You create a long-term effect using inbound marketing platform and are able to create a predictable sales pipeline. This is in contrast to a one shot marketing activity as posting a billboard for 2 weeks for a lot of money.

Share interesting information, your vision, challenges, personal business challenges, … etc.

Inbound Marketing: before the purchase process starts a vast majority of people (69%) first goes online looking for information about a product or service, before buy. This means that there is a whole digital travel covered before the purchase finally has been passed. It is therefore essential that you attract visitors to your website and develop and grow this contact into a ‘ lead ‘ and a satisfied customer. Therefore it’s important to optimize your corporate website and LinkedIn corporate -/ personalized profile.

Inbound marketing during the sales process.
Find, and develop decision makers and influencers via Social Selling (linkedIn), share relevant information per buyer persona via messages and blogging and make sure you are “top of mind” at them. Build relationships and nurter them via Social Sales, LinkedIn in combination support this process with blogging. Automated inbound campaign workflows can support the nurturing process for a longer term, and monitor and manage the effectiveness of the campaign.

Inbound marketing after the sales process.
The combination of the different campaign components integrated and managed under one roof and  supported via inbound service makes makes it so strong. These marketing services can be fully integrated in CRM and monitored as one dashboard and fully support the Social selling engagement strategy to ensure follow-up activities by fully nurtering buyer personas into a valuable business lead!.

Accept that the sales process of today has changed and much more will change!

Listen, learn and adapt to the purchasing behavior of the customer.

Inbound marketing is a nurter communication platform, the combination of: Content Marketing, customized SEO, Social marketing &-selling conversation and lead generation capabilities, Lead nurturing & conversion and unique integrated monitoring capabilities as – Inbound KPI reports. 

Start now and sign up for an “ inbound marketing roadmap workshop” and make sure your results will be surpassed in 2019!

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