Social Selling & Lead management / proces example: Trustwave

Recent years have seen a transformation process we express a “sellers ‘ to a buyers market. Buyers have control over when and how they gather information and through which channels during the sales process. According to Sales benchmark index, over 69% of the buyers decision-process has already being done online.

How to get (early) positioned as professional sales in the purchase decision process from potential relationships and how to get them interested in your products/services to convert a lead a final customer? You need to have a serious presence in relevant social selling platforms like LinkedIn, where according to Forrester, 100% of the present decision makers with business reasons! Make sure you get the attention of potential new decision-makers in competitive markets.

With Social selling professional sales are able to identify prospects, share relevant information and build a stable pipeline based on loyalty and relationships. Because the purchasing behavior has changed and will change even more, sales must be positioned at a broader and higher level and be able to tell their story in a digital world. Positioning you as professional sales in the decision making process of potential decision makers under the new-sales playbook.

Based on our Social Selling engagement program, we are able to find the right audience and decision makers and based on an deep analysis, we are able to pinpoint at a specific potential market (blue ocean). Via our experienced Social selling experts and the use off advanced smart software tools, we are able to find and gather high level profiles and approach these potentials to create loyalty and develop them into qualified leads.

No non-recurring sales action, but a continuous process by which you enabling a predictable and valuable to build pipeline on the basis of the right decision makers and influencers. On the basis of an ideal specific buyer personas profile, a purchasing behavior will be analyzed and   content and social channels will be tuned on this unique personas for an effective approach. Only then you are able to build loyalty, positioning yourself as a “thought leader” and ensure your self of a high level approach which will generate a regular flow of conversations with new customer contacts and create a schedule of customer meetings that will underpin the company’s ability to reach its 2017 revenue targets.

Via professional Social Selling training and personalized periodically weekly coaching, account – / marketing managers will be able to use LinkedIn not only as a social platform for connecting people, but as a sales conversion platform to “hunt “ for new sales opportunities and to incorporate LinkedIn into their daily routine. A proper social selling strategy and execution and the support of smart innovative social software products, will save companies a lot of time!

Social Selling Managed Services

Our (hybrid) social selling managed services solution (6 – 24 months), delivers a constant stream of qualified leads to sales opportunities on the basis of agreed monthly KPIs. Based on our expertise, experience and guidance, sales teams are able to spend more time to the real sales and less time on prospecting! Make sure you are ready and meet your future customers via social networking.

Start now and sign up for a Social Selling Pilot and develop the first new 1st degree contacts, digital conversations and new meetings. Make sure your results will be surpassed in 2017! < free advice >







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